Unique, advanced patented technologies----- non-pallet exchanging technology, parking spaces need not to install any components, simple flat parking levels, to achieve life-long maintenance-free parking

Unique way of centering the vehicle length, compatible with models of shelters

Parking lot-intensive, high volume

Small parking space, garage construction cost savings

High-speed operation, smooth starts and stops

Accurate positioning, leveling technology

Belt to enhance the smooth operation, low maintenance costs

Access to car speed, high efficiency

A variety of storage mode, to meet the parking demand at different times

Exits flexible, convenient, easy access vehicles

Portal platform designed to remind drivers of human good hand brake pull

Configuration backup motor, no worries

Multiple safety protection devices, safe and reliable

Remote monitoring and remote fault diagnosis engineering

Real-time monitoring, intelligent management: intelligent management, appointment access-oriented cars and empty spaces

Unique design of vibration and noise reduction, low noise, energy saving

No need to set the ramp and aisle, with safety, security, tamper function

Setting Type

It can be built independently, it can be built in the inner part of the building, or it can be built on the ground, underground and semi-basement

Proper Location

Government units, commercial district, hospital, narrow districts of the old city


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