Simple and high effciency,Stable and reliable.

Absorbing Merits Elaborating Manufacture

Passenger Elevator is a kind of product with safe, reliable and durable characteristics, which is manufactured on the basis of introduction of advanced CNC processing equipments , manufacture technology, and application of advanced & reliable control technology as well as driven cell.

Convenient and High efficiency Energy Saving and Environment Protection

This kind of elevator adopts ambiguous logical emergency energy-saving control system in lift and architectural engine, which can accurately and rapidly control the changing information every time. By way of analyzing the regulation and characteristics of the lift’s daily work, gathering, storing and recycling the traction mechanism driving energy ,it will help you save a great deal of time and energy.

Stability and Quite Comfortable and Pleasant

Dedicated to human-machine engineering, being carefully harmonize accelerating and decelerating curves, we try to pursue the stability and comfortable during the elevator’s work. With advanced comprehensive voiceless concept, elegant, esthetic, environment friendly and healthy decoration of the inner sedan, you can enjoy Comfortable and pleasant.


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