Located in the south-central of Pear River Delta, connecting Guangzhou in the north, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, Zhongshan City Elevators Co., Ltd. is specializing in lifts design, manufacture, sales, installation, repair and maintenance.

The Company was founded in 1956, was first known as Zhongshan Metal Structures Company. The Company began to specialize in the production of various types of elevators in 1986 after got approval from the Ministry of Construction. The Company was also one of the first groups of qualified enterprises capable of manufacturing elevators. Being the member of China Elevator Association for 20 years, there was no serious injury or quality accident took place.

During the 90’s, the Company started to work with the Japan Mitsubishi, the German Thyssen and other world’s leading elevator manufactures, which enabled the Company to accumulate rich technical background.
During 2006, the enterprise undergoes a major reorganization. The Company introduced a new management skill and a strong operating capital. With good reputation, the Company re-established its marketing network.

In 2008, an agreement was reached between the Company and the Southern District Government of Zhongshan City. An area of 54,000 sq meters in the industrial park was assigned to the Company for manufacturing of elevators. In which the operation and the production costs were largely reduced and benefited to customers as final.

On the other hand, the industrial park can be more conducive to fully promote the high-speed elevators. Also the products can be more effectively in local and overseas promotion. In which, OMS is the brand for the market in China & Thomson is the brand for the market over the world.

Thomson Industrial is a professional electronic and mechanical equipment manufacturer, specialized in R & D and production of high-tech electronic products and large machinery equipments. The companies used European advanced technology as platform, in 2009 joined with Zhongshan City Elevator Company developed and manufactured a 4 m/s high-speed elevator and approved by the State Technical Supervision Bureau with excellent passed results.

In the past, the domestic 4 m/s or higher speed elevators were dominated by foreign elevator companies. In view of this, the Zhongshan City Elevator Company partnered with Thomson industries and Hong Kong Automated Technology and also worked with engineers of Mitsubishi Electric group. In which it combined the technique from Hong Kong, Japan and Europe to jointly develop the 8 m/s high-speed lifts. So as to break the foreign elevator companies from monopoly of high-speed market.

Our product covers passenger lift, goods lift, automobile lift, service lift, panorama lift, hospital lift, escalator and moving walk.

They are all with Qualification A in reference to the Sate Elevator Production standard. Our high speed elevator reaches the highest speed in China.

We insist on “integrity, co-operation and win-win” principle, we also joint with partners in development!
We devoted to build the brand of “safety, comfortable, durable elevator” in elevators manufacturing, and continuously research and develop cost effective products to meet customer’s demand.

On the basis of high technology and excellent service, we have been establishing a good enterprise image and customers satisfaction standard.


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