Located in the south-central of Pear River Delta, connecting Guangzhou in the north, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, Zhongshan City Elevators Co., Ltd. is specializing in lifts design, manufacture, sales, installation, repair and maintenance.
The Company was founded in 1956, was first known as Zhongshan Metal Structures Company. The Company began to specialize in the production of various types of elevators in 1986 after got approval from the Ministry of Construction. The Company was also one of the first groups of qualified enterprises capable of manufacturing elevators. Being the member of China Elevator Association for 20 years, there was no serious injury or quality accident took place.

Subsidiary enterprises

TAIZOOM Elevator Company (HK) Limited
(Sino-foreign joint Venture) ZHONGSHAN OMS INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD


Taizoom Elevator Co., (HK) Limited, maintenance service team members’ are all well-trained, high efficiency and technical capability senior registered engineers and technicians. Through our strict quality assurance system and comprehensive on job professional training, our maintenance service team always well prepared to provide quality service to our client.

The barrier-free facilities is designed especially for the elders and the disabled.This kind of elevator is install with existing staircase, brings convenience for the elders and the disabled. The elevator shows harmoney and development of the socirty.

Guangri Group has been to "focus on city equipment, leading the modern quality of life" as a guide to "urban construction and management of equipment suppliers, management of modern urban life and a leader, defender of the city high-quality way of life" for the enterprise basic idea for the high quality of urban life richer and more high-quality products and services. To vigorously develop the environmental protection industry, the Guangzhou Municipal Government to assume given the task of urban waste disposal. In the creation of economic benefits at the same time, Guangri Group is also socially responsible for the creation of a harmonious society to contribute their efforts.

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