Safe in and out multi-protection measures
In order to meet the safety need of automobile elevator, there are two photo-electric safety devices in each floor at the entrance and one light curtain and safety edge two-in-one safety device are equipped on car door. Each floor equipped with stop light, after you pressing the floor instruction button, the stop light of corresponding floor will be on, which is indicating a car will be out of the floor, so that it can guarantee the cars’ safety in and out.

Stability and high efficiency energy saving and voiceless
Application of high-mature variable frequency (VVVF) control technology by using specific transducer to precise speed control. It enables the elevator work stable and energy-saving. The new low-noise module installed in the transducer makes elevator run quieter. In addition, the advanced auto-gated system provides a tool to ensure car in and out the elevator to be more stable and flexible, thus you can enjoy best service when trip in automobile elevator.

Parking systems combination of automobile lifter and shifter- Tridimensional Parking Garage
Keeping up with the citied rhythm, according to automobiles’ special needs in space and performance, the elevator is specifically designed to make the system more flexible and reliable with the world’s advanced technology application.


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