Taizoom Elevator is an authorized lift contractor for the sales of HIRO Lift which has experience in manufacturing elevator over the past 100 years since 1867. As a leading authorities of barrier-free facilities manufacturer in the world, this company has a great reputation in the European and North America elevator market.

Accumulated hundreds of year elevator manufacture experience and technology from Germany, barrier-free facilities have been designed especially for the elders and the disabled. This kind of elevator is installed with existing staircase, brings convenience for the elders and the disabled. The elevator shows harmony and development of the society.

HIRO Home Lift

HIRO home lift is also designed especially for the private house. The excellent techniques and patent technology are from Germany. There is no pit and no head room requirement, the shaft is smart, the carbine is homely. This elevator does fit for the family house perfectly. The backup batteries solve the problem of electricity cut off suddenly, and the whole safety system makes this elevator running without noise.



HIRO450 Vertically Platform Lift

HIRO350 Wheelchair Lift (Straight)

HIRO320 Wheelchair Lift (Curved)

HIRO150 Chair Lift (Straight)

HIRO160 Chair Lift (Curved)

HIRO Home Lift

HIRO480 Home Lift

HIRO430 Home Lift

Applied Cases






The Individual parts as well as the completed lifts have passed the German TUV certificate and were tested according to the European standard EN81-1 and the Chinese standard GB7588-2003.

Our well developed technology and the long experience in manufacturing elevators, which we inherited by our German partner, will ensure that we will establish HIRO as a very good brand in China. We will be the right parnter for you!

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