Rapid and high raised performance
THOMSON freight elevator is successfully provided with advanced magnetic contemporary electric motivation technique for better systematic efficiency with faster movement and higher promotion. THOMSON freight lift has also successfully developed promotion height an 1.6m/s, 2000kg, 80m, operating at large-scaled power plants and turrets.

Special design
THOMSON freight elevators solution cars and doors are built for the job. The car is finished in stainless or powder-coated steel, protected by buffer rails, and equipped with direct, fluorescent lighting. A second car operating panel is optional and combined with a 400 mm minimum floor-to-floor distance to suit through car application.

Extra-wide doors
THOMSON freight elevators are provided with full width, center opening doors, which retracts fully for the easy moving of passengers and goods on one hand to the other hand. It reacts faster when opening and closing the door to promote elevator’s operating efficiency. Meanwhile, it maximizes well space utilization, reducing constructive cost of the customer.

Safe, high efficiency and convenient logistics
The safety protection at entrance and exit, fall-preventing measure, design of wall collision-preventing, all are targeted to provide a kind of vehicle for logistics of stable, safe, reliable and high efficiency.

Energy efficiency and perfect applicability
It owns the features of energy-saving, consumption-lowing, strong anti-jamming and sufficient goods spare by optimizing the design of control circuit, which is an ideal choice for you.


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