Feeling Life Refined taste

The villa elevator appearance is breaking the concept that the villa and private domestic premise only reply on stairs walking up and down .Many various of villa elevators are designed for your choice ,ranging from jamb, hall door, car door, car, operation panel to hall buttons, which matches your house harmoniously.

Compact space human-oriented

The household lift is your ideal choice for your villa and multistoried building with the features of small area, no elevator shaft, which is more helpful to the elder people, patients and the handicapped. It is showing human –oriented and Family-friendly.

Individualized design superior quality

The household elevator of no pit, no machine room and guide is specially designed for villa and multistoried building, where no lifts were installed before. It is beyond the concept of conventional elevator design, by adopting single-phrase power supply 220V, applying voice-lowering technology and taking the details seriously to reach the target of quality superiorly, energy-saving and noiselowering



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